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DIY Custom Closet Shelf

Tools Needed: 1/2 Plywood sheet (This was a 2' x 4' sheet)--this is our shelf, 1" x 3" x 8' board (this is a furring strip board)--this will be cut into 3 pieces and act as cleats: pieces that will support the shelf, 1" x 2" x 8' board (this is also a furring strip)--this… Continue reading DIY Custom Closet Shelf

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Look for “Weekend DIY Girl” on Fridays; My products on Etsy

Now that "Weekend DIY Girl" is back, you might have noticed that I'm posting only on Fridays. This is deliberate: 1) because it's the start of the weekend (duh), and 2) so you know when to expect my nuggets of goodness (in other words, to keep me on track so I won't leave you again). Starting next week, I… Continue reading Look for “Weekend DIY Girl” on Fridays; My products on Etsy

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Raised bed

Difficulty Level: Easy Tools: untreated wood (preferably cedar--this is not, but I was just trying something.) I picked my length based on boards that were pre-cut. The width is based on the leftover wood I had. "rust-proof" outdoor nails-- I would use wood screws if I could do this over. I made this project a… Continue reading Raised bed

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Do Not Try This Alone – Your Suggestions Needed

Difficulty Level: Easy (when everything is rotten 🙂 ) Strength Level: Find some from somewhere. You'll need it. This is why I do not like wooden fences. After a while, even treated fences  will rot, and down they go.  Today I took down  this section of fencing. All of the posts were rotted and it was… Continue reading Do Not Try This Alone – Your Suggestions Needed

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Toilet Flapper Replacement

*UPDATE*:  If your toilet is running constantly, fix it as soon as possible. I just connected 3 months of high water bills (4x as much as a normal bill) with this issue.  When your toilet is leaking, it is like a faucet running. Difficulty Level: Easy (with proper selection  and measurement) If your toilet is… Continue reading Toilet Flapper Replacement